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We cant be friends if you say things like, “its just a fish”

Im going to cry if this gets to 1000

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I used the hairdryer (bc I wanted to go home) so I feel like the pthalo blue didnt move as much as I wanted
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Seto choked on his food about a hour ago. He choked on an omega one pellet and spit it out after maybe 15 mins. He is doing a little better and managed to spit the food out but part of his flare (beard?) is stuck outside of his gills. This has never happened to him before and I don’t know what to do. He was swimming spastically (and still does every once in a while) and for a long time he wasn’t moving. Now he is investigating his hospital tank and at least reacting to me but what should I do? Is there anything else I can do?
Seto is currently in a gallon hospital tank with stress coat and a plant to rest on. I’m gonna add AQ salt once it dissolves. What else can I do? Should I try to make him flare? And if so, how do I get him to flare when he won’t react to his reflection? He’s really not big at flaring anymore.
I couldn’t really get a good pic of the bump :/ my iPod isn’t always the best camera.
Please any advice is appreciated. I really don’t want to lose my baby :(
[Edit: I posted another picture but since I was on mobile I couldn’t link it or add it to this post. The other pic is here.]

signal boost! Anyone know what to do about this? I haven’t even heard of it before D: Poor baby!!

Any followers able to help?

Thanks for the signal boosts!
When I checked on Seto this morning, he still has his flare thing sticking out. (It probably doesn’t help that I’m not sure what the correct term for it is…gill membrane? Beard? I dunno.) It hasn’t changed since last night, but he has been swimming around much better so I think that is a good sign. Although, every once in a while, he moves funny as he goes up for air. It’s almost like something is still stuck…or maybe he is trying to pop his flare back into place? I don’t know. Poor Seto :(
My plan for now is to do daily water changes in his hospital tank and monitor his behavior. I’m hoping maybe it’ll pop back in, but I dunno. I’m also worried about feeding him. What if that piece sticking out makes it harder to eat and he chokes again? I’m going to fast him for today to see if that helps, maybe it will give his throat a break. I’m just glad he improved since last night, I really thought I was going to lose him :( I’m not ready for that…I don’t think I ever will be. I just hope my baby gets better fast.
I’ll give another update when I see him after work. Any advice or suggestions are appreciated! This is the first time this has happened to any of my fish, so I’m really not sure what to do. I’m hoping the go to “keep the water clean” helps. Thank you!

Nothing new to really update. Seto still has some of his flare/beard/gill membrane (whatever the proper term would be) sticking out like in the photo. Seto is currently swimming around like normal. I guess whatever it is isn’t phasing him at the moment but I’ll continue to keep an eye on him. 
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I hope all of you end up living in houses similar to the ones you built for your sims to live in






hey dude, watch out. 
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I want this souvenir too
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imagine being a driver who qualified in the top five looking in your mirrors seeing hamilton coming to overtake you like OH SHIT


Daniil Kvyat jumping from his wreckage car today #GermanGP #F1
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